Undergrad Students

Justina Venckute Larsson

Justina is currently a MSc student in Nanotechnology at KTH and works as a Research Assistant in our group. She has a BSc in Biomedicine from KI, and has spent the summer of 2018 in our lab as a “KI Summer School in Medical Research” intern and carried out her BSc Thesis in our lab in Spring semester 2019. She works with the development silver-based nanoparticles.

email: justina.venckute@ki.se 

Isabel Sondén


Isabel is currently a MSc student in Applied Physcis at KTH and works as a Research Assistant in our group. She works on the development of novel methodologies for dru delivery into the skin.

email: isabel.sonden@ki.se


Yael Suárez

Yael Suárez

Yael studied her BSc in Biotechnology Engineering at ITESM. Currently, she is carrying out her MSc. in Nanomedicine at University of Paris. In our Lab, she is developing a luminescent sensor for selective RNA detection as my master thesis project.

email: yaeldelcarmen.suarezlopez@ki.se  


Ann Maria Pandipilly Samson

Ann Maria

Ann Maria completed her bachelor’s in Biotechnology from India. She is carrying out her Erasmus mundus joint master’s degree program in Nanomedicine from University of Paris and University of Angers. Currently she caries out her master’s thesis project on delivery of drug loaded nanoparticles for treatment of skin infections in our Lab.

email: ann.maria.pandipilly.samson@ki.se