May 2021

Our collaborative paper with Gerald McInernay’s lab on the antiviral activity of nanoparticle coatings against SARS-CoV-2 is out in Nanomaterials!

Padryk Merkl’s paper on plasmonic photothermal nano coatings for the eradication of biofilms on medical devices is published in ACS Applied Nano Materials!

Jill Ziesmer’s first paper about Microneedles against MRSA skin infections is now published in Advanced Materials Technologies. Read the interview in KI News here: link

February 2021

Our work has been highlighted in the popular magazine Ny Teknik in which you can read more about our research program (in Swedish): “Vi vill tänja på gränserna för vad som är möjligt

Georgios Sotiriou in our modern labs at Karolinska Institutet Solna Campus.

January 2021

This is a super exciting moment, our ERC Proof of Concept Grant was accepted for funding. The title of the project, HOTSKIN in which we will study the photo thermal effect of smart patches on skin diseases. Read more here in our KI News interview.

September 2020

Georgios Sotiriou has been awarded the 2020 Smoluchowski Award conferred by the European Aerosol Assembly (GAeF) that recognizes important research contributions in the aerosol science and technology field. Read more here in the KI News interview.

The 2020 Smoluchowski Award certificate to Georgios Sotiriou.

June 2020

Our research is highlighted in the popular magazine Framtidens Forskning in which we explain the main research challenges that our lab tries to tackle. Read it here (in Swedish).

Georgios Sotiriou in the lab. Photo: Johan Marklund

March 2020

Georgios Sotiriou was appointed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research as a Future Research Leader, a grant of 12 MSEK accompanied by a top-tier leadership training program!

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research will support our lab for 5 years

February 2020

Dr. Eleni Bletsa and our Lab received a prestigious Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship! This will enable Elina to continue for two years her postdoctoral research on functional anti biofilm coatings!

Dr. Eleni Bletsa, Marie Curie Fellow in our lab.